Spectrum CannaLabs, Inc

About Us

Spectrum CannaLabs, Inc. is a cannabis analytical testing laboratory located in Northern California. With a highly experienced and educated team, Spectrum CannaLabs seeks to become the leading cannabis science and technology company by advancing the understanding of the cannabis plant for the benefit of medical and recreational use.

Spectrum CannaLabs will provide testing solutions for cannabis products under the regulation of the California Bureau of Cannabis Control, and will achieve ISO 17025 certification, ensuring reproducible, accurate results, and the safety and effectiveness of products. 

Our Mission

Many labs operating in the cannabis space have capitalized on the industry without remembering a key priority to running a successful laboratory business, customer service. Spectrum CannaLabs values reliable results to product providers, but also supplying scientific solutions to their operation, whether that be for growing, manufacturing, or distribution. We are committed to providing educational information to providers, patients, and consumers about the science of cannabis.

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Meet The Team
  1. CEO
    Carlos Balagot, Entrepreneur
    Scientist, R&D, and Entrepreneur Expert in R&D, laboratory testing, and experienced investor Industry experience: AstraZeneca MedImmune Autism Advocate Real Estate investor 3+ years plant biotechnology 8+ years Pharma Research and Testing, Clinical trials
  2. COO
    Michael Espinoza, CMQ-OE
    Engineer, Healthcare administrator, consultant Expert in quality management & business process design Industry experience: UC Davis Health Stanford Health Bloom Energy Toyota 5 years manufacturing/ quality control 5+ years design & strategic planning 2 + years R&D
  3. CFO
    Sarita L. Evans, JD
    Lawyer, Marketing Specialist and Health/Wellness Entrepreneur Expert in legal/compliance oversight, marketing specialist, business development, and entrepreneur Industry experience: United Airlines Lawrence Livermore National Lab Wind River/Intel Clorox Exponential Power